Range Rules

Range Rules Mill Creek Rifle Club - January 2024

These rules apply to all persons, including but not limited to members, member’s guests, non-member event participants/organizers/observers, and law enforcement, while using MCRC Property. Members observing safety violations are strongly encouraged to politely counsel and discuss the observed violation(s) with the violators and to report all range rule violations to an officer or director in the interest of club safety. (Phone 706-424-7425)

  1. Mill Creek Rifle Club is a private facility not open to the public. Members must scan their ID badge at the gate. All members are required to visibly display their club ID badges (key card) at all times.
  2. The speed limit on Mill Creek property is 10 mph. Driving or parking on cropland or areas down range covered by grass are prohibited. Compliance with all posted signs on MCRC property is mandatory.
  3. Guests must register in the clubhouse registration book upon entry to the club. Guests must be accompanied by a member who is responsible for their conduct, including adherence to all range rules. A member is limited to one guest shooting at a time. If firing stations are limited (mostly occupied), members with guests are limited to one firing station.
  4. Range hours of operation are 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM, using only the illuminated ranges (10-yard, 25-yard, 25-yard North, 15-yard, and the northwestern end of Benchrest) after dark. No shooting in the dark on any range without prior approval from MCRC board.
  5. Consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on MCRC property. Handling of firearms on club property while under the influence, whether shooting or not, is strictly prohibited.
  6. Appropriate eye and ear protection is required when near any firing line, whether shooting is in progress or not.
  7. Firearms must arrive and depart unloaded and secured in a case, sock, or box. Firearms may only be uncased at the firing line or a safety table. CCW (concealed carry) and OCW (open carry) may arrive and depart loaded but must remain holstered.
  8. Warning devices must be activated any time anyone goes downrange. Ranges not equipped with warning lights require the display of warning flags –– black (range hot) / red (persons downrange).
  9. While on the firing line, uncased firearms that are not in use must be made safe by keeping actions open, chambers empty, magazines removed, and pointed in a safe direction, regardless if warning lights/flags are activated or displayed.
  10. Handling of firearms is prohibited while people are down range. Anyone at the firing line must remain behind the red line while others are down range. Anyone at the firing line on ranges without a red line must maintain a minimum distance of 3 feet from firearms. Handling of magazines is permitted outside of these barriers.
  11. Targets are limited to paper or similar club-approved materials, such as flat self-healing rubber and balloons, which must be attached within club target frames or according to Rule No. 12. Non-aerial clay targets may only be used with member-supplied clay target holders staked within two feet of the foot of the impact berm, placed directly on the berm, or hung in the center of club steel target frames. Shooting cans, bottles, or other similar items is prohibited. Steel targets are permitted only with a valid MCRC steel license displayed while shooting. Binary explosives, such as Tannerite or any similar products, are prohibited on MCRC property.
  12. User-supplied target stands made of PVC or wood posts with cardboard targets/ backers, for attachment of approved targets only, may be used on all ranges and placed within 6 feet of the foot of the impact berm.
  13. Bullets must impact between the middle and the foot of the berm, regardless of deflection. This applies to anyone using their own stands and steel, including bullets that may not impact steel targets directly. Bullets impacting the ground, regardless of intention, are not permitted on any range.
  14. Divider berms may not be used as impact berms on any range with the exception of Pistol Bay 5, where the southwest and northeast berms may be used as impact berms.
  15. Downrange shooting is allowed on all ranges, except Benchrest and 100-yard Rifle, with unanimous consent of those present.
  16. Initial firing to zero in guns must occur at 25 yards or less.
  17. Drawing from holsters and re-holstering with a loaded gun is strictly prohibited while standing on any concrete pad.
  18. Rifles, carbines, or any firearm with a barrel longer than 10 inches are prohibited on the 15-yard range. Only posted handgun calibers may be used on steel on the 15-yard range.
  19. Rimfire calibers (.17 HMR, .22, or other) are prohibited on the Bench­rest and High Power Ranges.
  20. Shooting of incendiary or tracer ammunition is prohibited for any caliber.
  21. Fully automatic firearms or attachments to firearms enabling simulated automatic fire (including, but not limited to, attachments related to bump fire, burst fire, and binary triggers) are prohibited except for prior MCRC board approved events.
  22. 500-yard and 600-yard shooting is permitted only during board approved, RO-controlled events. When the High Power Range access gates are closed and locked during such events, the LE Ranges and Shotgun Field must be accessed only via the south access road.
  23. Shotgun use is allowed only on:
    1. Shotgun Field
    2. All LE ranges (if unoccupied)
    3. Pistol Bays 4 and 5, or
    4. Other ranges with prior MCRC board approval.
      Shot, No. 5 and larger, and slugs are only permitted with user-supplied targets stands according to Rule No. 12 and only on LE ranges and Pistol Bays 4 and 5. Aerial clay targets may only be engaged with No. 6 shot or smaller and only on the Shotgun Field.
  24. All persons must clean up after themselves. Empty cases, targets, containers, etc. must be placed in receptacles. Live ammunition should be placed in designated orange buckets. Remove and discard any targets from club target stands.
  25. Members, guests, and competitors may pick up their own spent brass anytime. Members may collect unclaimed spent brass once an individual, an organized competition, or LE has vacated the range.
  26. All certification or fee-based training, including Concealed Carry, must have prior MCRC board approval.
  27. The board of directors may authorize exceptions to the above rules for club-sanctioned events or individual member requests.

Violations of the above range rules, unsafe or belligerent conduct or actions, or loaning Club ID cards, keys, or key cards to other persons will be disciplined up to and including expulsion from MCRC and/or legal prosecution. 


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