Caution...Front Gate is Closed

Gate is out of commission temporarily

Caution...The Automatic Gate is out of Commission this Weekend

Please bring your physical key with you to the club

Due to traffic damage, the automatic gate at the club entrance will be out of commission until at least Tuesday, June 4. Every member should have a physical key in addition to your gate card that activates the automatic function. Please bring that hard key with you if you're visiting this weekend. Access to the club will be ONLY through the green cattle gate until the automatic gate is fixed.

When entering and exiting the green gate, please take a minute to close and lock the gate behind you, unless other members are in line behind you. Event managers should plan to have someone stationed at the gate to aid entrance and exit of participants. For security purposes, please do not leave the gate unlocked and open

Maintenance Director Eric Sigg reports emergency repairs are underway, and the automatic gate will be back in service at the earliest possible time. Thank you for your cooperation.


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