Mill Creek Still Seeking Treasurer

Attention: Accounting-Savvy Members

You may be the piece missing from the board of directors

Mill Creek Rifle Club is still seeking candidates to fill the open club treasurer position. If you're interested and have any experience in accounting or financial management, we'd like to hear from you.

As a member of the Board of Directors, the treasurer has a variety of duties with the ultimate goal of overseeing the club financial transactions and presenting the financial status to the board, as well as the membership. The day to day operations include reviewing invoices and seeing that they are paid. The treasurer also reviews income from the membership fees as well as non-related income in the form of competition fees and law enforcement range usage fees.

Starting in 2023, we began to record the above data into QuickBooks instead of our previous and laborious spreadsheet method. This transition greatly reduced the time involved and allowed us to quickly review where our money is spent each month. Use of QuickBooks will also enable online dues payment, reducing the time spent by members as well as the secretary and treasurer.

In addition to these daily functions, the Treasurer is responsible for reviewing property tax assessments and, in some cases, challenging these with the county treasurer. While the club is a not-for-profit entity, the treasurer still has to work with our certified public accountant to produce a tax return to the IRS. Most importantly, the treasurer is responsible for presenting income and expense data to the board of directors with detail sufficiently clear to give a good understanding of where our income is coming from and where the expenses are going. This enables us to plan future range improvements and schedule timely repair of range buildings, berms, roads, and finally prepare an accurate budget for consideration by the board as well as the membership.

The treasurer is NOT responsible for keeping the books for the club; the board contracts with a paid bookkeeper to do that task. The treasurer also is not responsible for actually completing the club's taxes, which are completed by a CPA. Instead, the treasurer is responsible for overseeing the financial matters for the club, guiding those who do the work, and reporting to the board. This includes

  • Securing and maintaining club banking arrangements
  • Authorizing payment of club expenses within board authorizations
  • Reporting current bank balances and managing the bookkeeper to prepare and maintain regular club financial statements showing budget and year-to-date expenditures
  • Ensuring tax returns are filed on time, including related financial reports
  • Evaluating and securing club insurance
  • Maintaining all club affiliations as determined by the board

The treasurer is one of three officer positions, carrying a two-year term of office. It is a voting board-level position, requiring the time commitment and interst to fulfill those duties in addition to the treasurer responsibilities. Candidates will be considered by the board and a replacement treasurer will be appointed by the board.

If you are a current member and interested, please submit your name and contact information to the board via Vice President Michael Borkon, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or via President Mike McGovern, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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