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Millcreek Rifle Club has been around for a long time.  Initially, the club was located on the grounds of Powder Creek Shooting Park.  As the suburban Johnson County residential population exploded in the 1950s, the club came up against pressures of shooting rifles and pistols in close proximity to neighborhoods.

One day, during a cease fire period of a rifle match, some young boys suddenly appeared and ran across the range. The members had no other choice than to shut down the club right then. The writing was on the wall. It would no longer be safe to shoot rifles and pistols at the Powder Creek location.

For many years, the club was without a home. At that time, Bruce Hodgdon, founder of Hodgdon Powder Company and a pioneer in the shooting sports industry, owned several small farms and parcels of land in the area, including the land where Millcreek stands today. A small group of surviving Millcreek Rifle Club members began shooting at this informal range, using stacked pallets as bench rests. Then, in the early 1970's, Bruce Hodgdon donated the land for the club's current location.  Since then the club has been growing in numbers as well as in ranges.


Currently, the club has over 1,700 members.  The club continues to accept new members, even as we approach our membership cap.


MCRC has both pistol and rifle ranges plus it also has an area for shotgun practice. The MCRC pistol ranges consist of one 12 yard, 3x 25 yard, one 20 yard and two 100 yard (LE use) ranges.  Members can shoot rifles an a 100 to 300 yard benchrest range, a 100 to 500 yard highpower range and a dedicated 100 yard range.  Shotgun shooting is allowed in a undeveloped location on the range.  The members must provide their own thrower and clay pigeons.

Competitive Shooting

Currently, several shooting disciplines use the MCRC range to hold shooting competitions open to member and the public!  These shooting sports include: Benchrest,  High Power Rifle Competitions, IPSC, Bowling Pin Shooting and Swiss Rifle and Pistol Bullseye shooting.  Please see the calendar for more information regarding the dates and times. 


MCRC is located next to the Kansas River in Desoto, Kansas.  The club is located on the Kansas River flood way.  A flood way helps us keep urban development away from the club but, at the same time expanding the club facilities is very hard as well.  Club ranges cannot impede the river's flood water.   An engineering firm has to certify any new construction and many levels of local, state and federal government have to approve range construction.





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