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Range Rules 

These rules apply to all persons on Club Property. Members observing safety violations are encouraged to talk to the violators and, if appropriate, report range rule violations to an Officer or Director in the interest of Club safety.

  1. Mill Creek Rifle Club is a private facility, not available for public use. Members must use their club ID badge to sign in at the gate and register any guests in the registration book before shooting.
  2. All members are required to visibly display their Club ID badges (key card) at all times.
  3. Guests must be accompanied by a member who is responsible for their safe conduct including adherence to all range rules. A member is limited to one guest shooting at a time. If firing stations are limited (mostly occupied), members with guests are limited to one firing station.
  4. Range hours of operation are 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Use illuminated ranges after dark.
  5. Warning devices must be activated when anyone goes downrange. While warning lights are on, firearms must be unloaded, open actions made safe, and not handled by shooters. Ranges without warning lights require flags Black (range hot)/Red (persons downrange) to be displayed.
  6. Bullet trajectory must pass through the target frame into the middle of the berm.
  7. Initial firing to zero in guns must be on pistol ranges except when rule #6 above is met.
  8. Except when being fired, firearm’s actions must be opened with the chambers empty and magazines empty or removed.
  9. Targets are limited to paper or similar Club approved materials such as plastic plates, clay pigeons, or balloons. All targets must be within Club target frames. Shooting at cans, bottles etc. is prohibited. Metallic or other targets are permitted only with board approval letter displayed.
  10. Obey all posted signs.
  11. Eye & ear protection is required when near the firing lines, where shooting is in progress.
  12. Driving or parking on crop land or open range is prohibited.
  13. Consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.
  14. Shotgun rules are as follows:  (A) Shotgun range; clay targets, #4 or smaller shot allowed. (B) Pistol and 100yd ranges; Slugs are ok. Shot permitted only on pattern boards.(C) LE ranges (if unoccupied); Shot and slugs permitted.
  15. 22 rimfire shooting is limited to the pistol ranges,100 yard, or LE range (if unoccupied).
  16. Fully automatic firearms or attachments to firearms enabling simulated automatic fire are prohibited except for club sanctioned events or supervised law enforcement training.
  17. All persons must clean up after themselves. Empty cases, targets, containers, etc. must be placed in receptacles. Live ammunition should be placed in designated orange buckets.
  18. The Board of Directors may authorize exceptions to the above Range Rules for Club sanctioned, supervised events, or individual member requests. All certification or training, including Concealed Carry, must have prior Board approval.
  19. Shooting of incendiary or tracer ammunition is prohibited.
  20. 500 yd shooting permitted only as part of board approved, RO-controlled events. When the 500yd gate is closed during such events, the 500 yd range & other ranges to the east are off limits.

Violations of the above range rules, unsafe or belligerent conduct or actions, or loaning Club ID cards, keys, or key cards to other persons will be disciplined up to and including expulsion from MCRC and/or legal prosecution.




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