Mill Creek Rifle Club

Snipergeddon 2018

Snipergeddon 2018



Mill Creek Rifle Club will once again host Snipergeddon in 2018 on November 17 and 18. This year’s competition will follow last year’s shooting format. The rules are simple: it is a single elimination gong shooting competition. Each competitor has 5 shots to hit a 24” gong.  If the shooter hits the gong, he/she advances to the next yardage line 100 yards further back.  Last person standing wins!  There are 4 shooting classifications.  On Saturday, the  223 and 6mm/6.5mm classes shoot.  On Sunday the 308 and open classes compete.  All shooting is done from the prone supported position.  For more information and to register please go to: Snipergeddon 2018 Registration.


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