Mill Creek Rifle Club

Please Renew by May 1, 2017

Membership Renewal Form Available for Download

Millcreek Rifle Club represents one of the best values for shooters in the Midwest, with more illuminated outdoor ranges, training opportunities, matches, women's classes, and range improvements than ever before. As a private club comprised of a broad range of people with varied shooting interest, Millcreek Rifle Club values the participation and input of each member. We'd love for everyone to renew their membership this year, and we're making it as easy as possible for members to get their renewal forms and payments in by the May 1 Deadline.

You may download the 2017 Renewal Form by clicking the link below. Please mail in a signed copy of your renewal form and NRA proof of membership by May 1, 2017. All renewals received after this date will incur an additional late charge.

Also, if you haven't already, please "opt in" to receive periodic email blasts from Millcreek Rifle Club. We promise not to flood your inbox. Email blasts are the very best way to keep up with the latest developments, matches, training opportunities, and improvements at the club. But, we can't send you the emails if we don't have your email address on file.

Download this file (MCRC_2017_Renewal_Form.pdf)MCRC_2017_Renewal_Form.pdf[ ]120 Kb


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