Mill Creek Rifle Club

Snipergeddon 2016

Snipergeddon 2016

Mill Creek Rifle Club will once again host Snipergeddon in 2016 on November 20th. This year’s competition will follow last year’s shooting format. The rules are simple: it is a single elimination gong shooting competition. Each competitor has 5 shots to hit a 24” gong. If the shooter hits the gong, he/she advances to the next yardage line 100 yards further back! Last person standing wins. All shooting is done from the prone supported position. There is no equipment restriction but there will be optional categories based on caliber.

The day of the match, each competitor will need to qualify by hitting the 24” gong at 300 yards. The competition starts at 500 yards right after the qualification round. There is a one minute time limit per shot. The clock starts when the range officer calls the competitor’s name. Shooting is done in flights of several shooter in a round robin fashion. Unlike last year we will have three separate shooting categories:

223: Any 5.56x45mm or 223 Remington chambered rifle

308: Any 7.62x51mm or 308 Winchester chambered rifle

Open: Any firearm/ any caliber

Furthermore, this year we will have 5 24” gongs as opposed to last year’s 2. And, we will have more shooting positions due to the use of either one or two trailers
Every competitor who hits the gong at 600 or 1000 yards will be awarded an achievement patch. Top three competitors in each category will receive a Snipergeddon plaque.
Registration will start at 7:00 am at the Mill Creek Rifle Club clubhouse. The competition will start at 8:00 am. The entrance fee is $30. If the adjacent farmer’s field is wet we will have to cancel or reschedule the competition.




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