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Long Range Shooting Class

Long Range Shooting Class - February 20, 2016

On February 20, 2016 from 8:00 to 2PM at the MCRC clubhouse, Mill Creek Rifle Club will host a long range shooting class. This class will be a fast paced deep dive in to the exciting world of long range and extreme long range shooting. While there will be no shooting involved, the class will explore the issues involved with successfully engaging and hitting targets from 300 yards to beyond 2000 yards!

The topics covered during this day long class will include: hardware selection (rifle, caliber, optics etc…), ballistics, wind reading, atmospherics, practicing, reloading, where to shoot, mental focus and where to obtain other long range resources.

Students who attend this class should obtain a good fundamental understanding of what goes into successfully hitting targets at ranges previously unattainable by them. And the student will have the knowledge to separate long range shooting fact from all too common fiction and old-wives tales.

The cost of the class is $30 payable the day of the class. Both, members and non-members are invited to attend the class. If you want to attend the class please reserve a spot today by emailed Witek G-B (witekgb”at” . Those that reserve a spot will get a printed handout of the discussed material at the time of the class. Witek will email everyone else the class material at the end of the class. We will take a one hour break for lunch.

About the Instructor,

Besides being the President of Mill Creek Rife Club, Witek Grzymala-Busse has been shooting rifles competitively on and off since the early 90’s. He attained the classification of a NRA High Master with a service rifle in 2011 and has CMP Distinguished Badge No. 2053   In addition, he won the Kansas State Service Rifle championships three times, most recently in 2015. He started shooting at extreme long ranges during a visit to The NRA Whittington Center in 2000. Since then, he has regularly shoot successfully beyond one mile.


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