Membership Renewal Form - 2018

If you are a MCRC member, you can download the 2018 renewal form attached to this page, print it out - fill it out, send proof of your NRA membership, attach a check and send it back to MCRC to renew your membership.

Please note that this attached form is comprised of 2 Pages. Read the rules on the first page, then complete, sign and return the Form on Page 2.

If you do not renew your membership by June 1st your card will be deactivated! After June 1st members who are late will required to pay a $100.00 late fee in addition to annual membership fees. If you have not payed your membership fee and penalty fee before July 1st your membership will be terminated!

(Updated January 2, 2018)


If you are not a MCRC member DO NOT download and fill out this form. If you are looking to apply for Membership, please visit our Membership Information page.


Download this file (MCRC_renewal_2018.pdf)MCRC_renewal_2018.pdf[ ]467 Kb


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